Keel Assembly

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2014-06-28 20.47.56

Can you believe it? I finally got back to working on “Journey!” I have to admit that the idea of assembling the keel has been weighing on me. I have read many of the other blogs where mistakes have been made during assembly and too much blocking was used or not enough and the keel ended up a bit crooked or there were large gaps in the joints. So, with all of that in mind, and after trial fitting everything together several times, I took a deep breath, mixed up a batch of epoxy and started assembling.

It actually went together predictably and just as I had practiced. One thing that I did a little differently than the manual recommended was that I epoxied the port – aft keel side last. It just seemed that as I practiced assembly, that there was more room for error epoxying the aft section last instead of earlier as the manual recommended. It seemed to work well.

I also discovered that I prefer using a squeegee over a foam roller or brush when applying epoxy. The epoxy seemed to go on easier, and quicker, and there didn’t appear to be as much waste. Of course,  I am still pretty new to all of this and I might find that my opinions will change over time and with experience.

Anyway, the good news is that I am back on track! A little sanding… a little routing… and then I get to smelt lead! That actually sounds like fun… of course with all of the meth labs around here, I expect to receive a visit from our local law enforcement, after a concerned neighbor looks out and wonders what’s going on in my back yard.

I can see the headlines now… “Local Pastor Arrested for… well… we don’t know what he was doing… but it looked illegal!” LOL

I’ll keep you posted!



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