Month: June 2014

Keel Assembly

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2014-06-28 20.47.56

Can you believe it? I finally got back to working on “Journey!” I have to admit that the idea of assembling the keel has been weighing on me. I have read many of the other blogs where mistakes have been made during assembly and too much blocking was used or not enough and the keel ended up a bit crooked or there were large gaps in the joints. So, with all of that in mind, and after trial fitting everything together several times, I took a deep breath, mixed up a batch of epoxy and started assembling.

It actually went together predictably and just as I had practiced. One thing that I did a little differently than the manual recommended was that I epoxied the port – aft keel side last. It just seemed that as I practiced assembly, that there was more room for error epoxying the aft section last instead of earlier as the manual recommended. It seemed to work well.

I also discovered that I prefer using a squeegee over a foam roller or brush when applying epoxy. The epoxy seemed to go on easier, and quicker, and there didn’t appear to be as much waste. Of course,  I am still pretty new to all of this and I might find that my opinions will change over time and with experience.

Anyway, the good news is that I am back on track! A little sanding… a little routing… and then I get to smelt lead! That actually sounds like fun… of course with all of the meth labs around here, I expect to receive a visit from our local law enforcement, after a concerned neighbor looks out and wonders what’s going on in my back yard.

I can see the headlines now… “Local Pastor Arrested for… well… we don’t know what he was doing… but it looked illegal!” LOL

I’ll keep you posted!



It Won’t Float!

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2014-06-10 15.11.56

As you might be able to tell from the long time between  blog posts, my work on “Journey” came to a sudden halt around the first of April.

2014-06-10 15.13.47

When we first found out that our daughter and her husband were expecting a baby, my wife told her that we would buy the crib for our new grandson.  “BUY a crib?” I said! “Why, I will do you one better! I will BUILD a crib for that new grandson of mine!” So, with that great pronouncement, my boat factory (garage) turned abruptly into a crib factory. The only problem was that I knew as much about building a crib as I did about building a sail boat.

2014-05-17 11.47.00

2014-05-24 12.35.42

I have always heard that the difficulty of a shop project can often be measured by how many trips to the hardware store it took you to complete it….. Well, if that is the measure then I am really worried about how many trips “Journey” is going to take. I stopped counting trips to the hardware store somewhere in early May and I was already passed 15. And, when I started adding up the dollar signs….. Well, I quite counting around $600.00. (Yes I know that you can buy really nice new cribs for $250.00.) But those cribs weren’t built with love by Grandpa!!!  (that’s what I keep telling myself) 🙂

So now the crib is finally done… Did I mention that my daughter is in labor as I write this?  I really am a procrastinator. I once mentioned to a friend that I work best when I am under pressure… He looked at me… shook his head and said… “Jim, you ONLY work when you are under pressure!” (Perhaps he was right!)

But…  did I tell you that the crib is actually a 3 in 1 bed? It will also convert into a toddler bed and then ultimately into a full sized bed. (I really am an overachiever, aren’t I)


I don’t have much to finish on the other two parts so if all goes well, within the week, it’s back to boat building!

(“Journey” says… Yea right) …….  She can be so jealous and definitely temperamental!