Finally Getting Started Building

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Well, I haven’t been exactly doing nothing, but it is amazing how life and ministry can affect my free time. Between funerals of dear friends and preparations for “Charge Conference” (our annual church meeting) I have been keeping pretty busy.

I have also been working on some of the building preparations in the garage. It isn’t going to be as easy as I thought to work on “Journey” and also get my wife’s car in the garage every night. I am afraid that depending on what I am doing, I may have to leave the car out once in a while. (don’t tell her, she might not notice if I play my cards right) 🙂

The first dilemma I needed to overcome was how to keep the garage a little warmer while I am out there working. I decided on this Optimus Quartz Tower Electric Space Heater from Lowes. So far I am not sure that it is making that much difference. The thermometer on the wall seems to inch up gradually when it is on, But to be honest, when you get an old fat boy like me working out in the garage, I seem to stay pretty warm without much difficulty.

space heater

Pocketship begins by constructing the keel and the first step is to build the trunk which will hold the centerboard.

2013-11-22 18.55.35

So you begin by fiberglassing (spreading epoxy over fiberglass cloth) the inside of the trunk

2013-11-22 18.55.49

2013-11-22 18.59.47

Here is my first attempt ever at fiberglassing, Hopefully I will become a little more proficient as the project goes along. There is A LOT of fiberglassing to do. (It does make the wood look beautiful)

2013-11-22 20.19.58

2013-11-22 20.20.07

You might notice the contraption that I built to hold the lights. First of all, the lights aren’t there because I am almost blind and I  need them to see what I am doing. (although there is some truth in that) They are there to warm the epoxy so that it will harden properly. I got the idea from the CLC (Chesapeake Light Craft) website on how to heat your work area and epoxy in cold weather.

2013-11-22 20.20.18

I have the second coat on now and I plan to do the third before I go to bed tonight.

2013-11-23 11.31.22

I’m on step one of…. well a gozillion!!!!! But at least I have officially started!



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