Journey to Pick Up “Journey”

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2013-11-11 10.02.39

Now that I have returned from Annapolis with “Journey” tucked safely in the bed of my truck, I’m not sure whether I feel more excited or apprehensive about the build.

Let me back up here for a moment and start from the beginning. I just spent three awesome days with my son and I can’t remember the last time that we did that, so without anything else, that made the last three days perfect.

The 1500 mile round trip went flawlessly! My first concern was whether or not the kit would fit in the back of my Chevy Colorado, and if it did fit, would the weight put too much of a strain on the truck, especially going back over the mountains of West Virginia.

2013-11-11 10.24.19

Well, I really need to practice what I preach, Matthew 6:34 says: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” In other words, I really need to stop worrying so much and just enjoy the journey!

2013-11-11 10.56.18

So let me tell you about my experience at Chesapeake Light Craft… I have one word for those guys…WOW. I have never been treated so well and so courteously in my life. Their patience and knowledge with my incessant questions was second to none. As an example, I was looking at the Japanese saws and my son asked the question (of me) why would that saw be any better than the other saws I already have, I didn’t get the chance to answer, one of the guys stepped in and gave Ben (and me) a 3 minute explanation of what made that saw special. I immediately put the saw in the basket of accessories to take home with me. (That guy was good!!!)

2013-11-11 10.02.55

I also got to see Pocketship (the original) in person. I remember having two thoughts as I came around the corner and saw her for the first time… the first was like falling in love all over again. She is even more beautiful in person than she was in the countless pictures and videos that I have seen. And the second thought was… Oh My Goodness, what I have I gotten myself into!!! She looked sooo much bigger in person and my fear factor of being able to complete the build went up exponentially.  (I know… I need to refer back to the not worrying about tomorrow thing)

2013-11-11 10.00.56

2013-11-11 09.58.11

Another privilege that I had was the opportunity to personally meet John Harris. Let me say that he took time from his busy schedule to come out and meet with us, answer a ton of questions and then personally take us  out to get a close up look at Pocketship. Not once did I feel rushed, and I just wanted to say a public thank-you to John for the kindness he extended to a couple of lubbers from the far off land of Indiana.

John Harris

After leaving Chesapeake Light Craft, we took a brief tour of Annapolis, and then drove over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. (We certainly weren’t in Indiana anymore) The only disappointment we experienced was trying to eat at Hemingway’s Restaurant right on the Chesapeake bay. Unfortunately, they were closed Monday’s until Spring. What a bummer!

2013-11-11 12.06.57

We said our goodbys to Maryland, and headed for home. Monday night we had our fist snow of the year (don’t I remember something about “when the gales of November came early?) I hope that isn’t an omen! (I know, I know don’t worry about tomorrow!!)

2013-11-12 08.33.06

2013-11-12 08.33.52

 After dropping Ben off in Seymour, IN I came home, rested for awhile, unloaded the truck (which was quite an adventure) sorted through the kit and went to bed early. The journey really has begun!

2013-11-12 17.32.14


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